SEMKHOR Productions - Flexible agency with great ideas!

We believe the future of entertainment will be driven by artists working directly with their audience. We provide unique and creative solutions that allow
this interaction to reach his potential.

Semkhor Productions can provide tremendous value to independent
productions through:
Website and App Development
Social Media Marketing
Poster and related asset creation

Semkhor Productions has developed a suite of applications that focus on niche industries and which can be rapidly customized and expanded.

The proccess

Simple steps to guaranteed success

Semkhor Productions is the development and production division of Semkhor Networks, Inc. It's focus is unlocking value in a wide range of endeavors that require expertise in digital content and commerce. We have been in business for 18 years, and over time, we have developed a virtual infrastructure that allows us to provide everything from streaming media channels to manufacturing to retail distribution.

The philosophy

Think hard - Research - Work hard - Deliver. Love the process. This is our philosophy.

We love what we do and you can count on us to deliver - that is what we are all about. We always strive to solve problems creatively and comprehensively and are extremely focused on details. Our wide range of assets, services, and access can bring out the full potential of almost any venture; and we do not stop until the job is complete.

The know-how

pOur experience and infrastructure allows us to provide tremendous value and provide integrated services which amplify each other and save money.

For the right project, we will provide all the the technology and support as and investment; often there are businesses that just need the right technology partner to unlock substantial new revenue streams.

Yes, we are that good!